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JANUARY 12TH 2016Presentation of Hydro 1216

It's Made in Italy the first independent household appliance for indoor plants growing with innovative multi-cultivation system Exchange Grow Tech.
January 12th 2016 Agrobotica® presents the first fully automated household appliance able to grow plants in confined spaces in the absence of sunlight all year round.
Besides the oven, the dishwasher, the iron and the coffee machine, it is now possible to have a new household appliance category, the Indoor Garden.

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HYDRO 1216Indoor Garden

With Hydro 1216 anyone can become a farmer, thanks to its easy operating concept you do not need to have specific skills to achieve amazing results.
The indoor cultivation system is completely autonomous, by using technologies employed in the field of Robotics it is able to auto configure itself in order to provide the cultivated plants with the best conditions to grow vigorously. You will be able to enjoy the scents and the freshness of freshly picked vegetables. To dispose of freshly picked vegetables will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of fresh and healthy products safe from the contamination of Pesticides and other chemical agents.
Do good to yourself, give yourself your Indoor Garden. Every day the fresh taste of the Garden straight to your home.

Why choose Us?

AGROBOTICAGrow your healthy food

Hydro 1216 is an innovative household appliance Made in Italy that uses the latest technologies in the field of Robotics for the soilless cultivation of aromatic plants, salad, strawberries, berries, flowers and greenery in general.


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Grow what you eat. Pesticides Herbicides and Parasiticides are commonly used in large quantities in the traditional intensive cultivation.
The combined exposure to multiple chemicals gives rise to a mixture of contaminants the effects of which, on the human body and on the animal species, on short and long terms are not known. The current risk assessment practices are performed on just one substance at a time.
The only way to be sure to consume a fresh and above all NOT contaminated product is to grow it personally.
The cultivation technique used by Hydro 1216 makes these chemical additives unnecessary as this is based on an innovative Hydroponic system, able to grow without the use of ground and simply bringing all the nutrients required for the plant by water.
Agrobotica with its innovative Indoor Garden enables to grow different types of plants and to have the fresh taste of the garden.
With the experience gained during the implementation and test phases of the product, I was able to appreciate closely the miracle of nature, from seed germination to the growth of the plant up to the form that we all normally know and buy at the supermarket.
- Have you ever tried a dish of pasta with tomato sauce with basil freshly picked?
- A Mojito with fresh mint?
- Baked potatoes with rosemary grown indoors?
- A nice salad freshly picked?

Now all this is possible with Hydro 1216



- Innovative double Substrate Hydroponic System.
- Multi growing system able to manage various cultivation techniques.
- Expandable, every Master unit can be integrated with many additional Slave units.
- Electronics equipped with sensors for the control of temperature, humidity, light, etc.
- Two-color LED lighting designed to promote the growth of plants.
- Automation for the front panel opening and height adjustment of LED lights panel.
- Multi Device APP for remote control and monitoring via Internet.

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Hydro 1216 Matic and Pro are expandable systems based on two types of products:
Modulo Master and Modulo Slave.

Despite being identical structures, Modulo Master includes all the operating logic to ensure the automation of the system, while Modulo Slave is equipped only with hydraulic components for the Hydroponic cultivation and LED lighting. The whole control management is ruled by Modulo Master.
This innovative system protected by industrial patents is designed to optimize costs and ensure easy expandability. To a single Modulo Master you can connect countless Slave units both horizontally and vertically.
By means of appropriate supports you can turn entire walls into gardens or indoor vertical gardens thus creating greener and more comfortable environments.
The Master - Slave system can be used for homogeneous cultivations. In case of cultivations that require different microclimate it is necessary to use more Master units.



With Hydro 1216 PRO a remote view of the Master unit different parameters such as temperature, humidity, water lever etc. is possible via web by means of PC, Smartphone and a Tablet program.
The program, when set to manual mode, allows to set customized parameters and to save users set-up of cultivation.

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The cultivation Units are available in two different product lines:
Hydro 1216 EG (Eco Green)
Hydro 1216 UG (Ultra Green)
They are made with two types of material, both ecological, and manufactured taking into account the Carbonic Footprint in all their production cycles, significantly reducing the emissions and safeguarding the environment.



Features of Hydro 1216
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Hydroponics and Multi System
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The Plant Kingdom
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Carbonic footprint and CO2
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Pesticides and contaminants
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