Green oasis indoor

An indoor garden in every home
Inner walls of buildings turned into green oasis

During years of practice of cultivation in the traditional domestic garden I have never felt so close to the plant kingdom as in the soilless indoor cultivation period.

During the first tests of sowing and cultivation of aromatic plants I discovered with astonishment that the very small leaves born after the germination of the two Cotyledons, (typical leaves of the birth of a plant) when gently rubbed by a finger release the typical scent of different aromatic plants.

With the experience gained during the phases of product implementation and testing, I was able to appreciate closely the miracle of nature, from the seed germination to the growth of the plant up to the form that we usually know and buy at the supermarket.

Cultivating with Indoor Garden Hydro 1216 means controlling the 4 basic elements that determine the life of a plant: Water, Nutriments, Light and Heat.
This experience has made me feel closer to the cultivated plants and has allowed me to give the Plant Kingdom the value it deserves.

Ivano Cremonesi
Creator and founder of Agrobotica



Our Vision B2C:

Such as the washing machine, the oven, the coffee maker and the iron are now in common use in our homes, the Agrobotica vision is to spread a new household appliance, the Indoor Garden, to grow indoors, all year long, fresh vegetables picked at the moment raising awareness about the wonder of nature and the respect for the Plant Kingdom.

Many small gardens form a large garden that will lead to a decrease in demand for vegetables grown in the conventional manner, thus reducing the consumption of chemicals and fresh water, and will encourage a smaller exploitation of the cultivated areas.

Our Vision B2B:

To implement Green Oasis indoor and cover entire walls of urban buildings with vertical gardens that guarantee green and fresh vegetables all year round.

To spread the practice of using fresh vegetables picked at the moment in bars, clubs and restaurants.
Imagine... to serve your customers a Mojito with mint leaves just picked.
To use for your dishes fresh herbs as they were just picked in the garden.
To cultivate plants with a system that needs up to 80% less water consumption compared to the conventional cultivation, to grow vegetables out of the soil, without contact with the ground, main carrier of germs, to cultivate vegetables personally, in a protected and controlled environment without using Pesticides and chemical additives, providing the plants with the best conditions for growing and then have a healthy product at zero kilometers.
Now you do not need to just imagine it, you can achieve it!

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